Terms & Conditions

Thank you for engaging the Yarra Lane Group.

These terms and conditions apply to all clients who engage an entity in the Yarra Lane Group to provide our taxation, accounting, business advisory and related services.

Tailoring our services to you

The annexure to these terms describes the separate entities which comprise the Yarra Lane Group business units, and the specific services which each unit provides to our clients. When you engage Yarra Lane Group, you may engage more than one business unit to act for you, if you require a range of services to be provided. For example, you may require tax and accounting advice – which is provided by our Yarra Lane Tax & Accounting Pty Ltd business, as well as mortgage broking services – which are provided separately by Yarra Lane Finance Pty Ltd.

No referral fees or commissions

If a client is referred from one business unit to another, no Yarra Lane entity pays a referral fee or commission to another of the Yarra Lane entities. Each business unit charges the client separately for the services which it supplies to the client.

There are some specific terms which apply to different business units

As a result of each business unit providing services of a different kind, each one has different regulatory and disclosure requirements.

So when you engage each business unit, there will be additional terms and conditions specific to those services. Those terms and conditions complement these general terms, but to the extent there is any inconsistency the specific terms and conditions prevail.

Business units have some common ownership, and common officers

Each business unit is a separate legal entity, but each unit has ownership in common with the others to varying degrees, and do have common officers and employees.


Your confidential information is kept confidential to your file within each business unit, except to the extent that you authorise Yarra Lane Group to share information between business units in order that each business unit is able to provide its services to you.

Generally that authorisation will be sought from you in person when it is apparent that you will require, for instance, tax and accounting services (provided by Yarra Lane Tax & Accounting) as well as financial planning services (provided by Yarra Lane Wealth). Otherwise, Yarra Lane Group will seek that authorisation from you in writing.

In some circumstances, outlined under ‘Conflicts management’ below, persons who work in or have an ownership interest in a particular business unit will be prevented from accessing information on your file in that business unit.


Any current or prospective client of Yarra Lane Group who has any concerns regarding these terms, the implementation of these terms or the application of the Conflicts Protocols, should immediately speak with their existing contact at Yarra Lane Group to attempt to resolve those concerns.
If those concerns cannot be resolved to the client or prospective client’s satisfaction, then Yarra Lane Group will advise the client to seek independent advice (and will assist with a referral if so requested).


By engaging an entity in the Yarra Lane Group, you acknowledge and agree that you are bound by these terms and consent to each relevant entity in the Yarra Lane Group providing its services to you in the manner set out in this document. Each of those entities may separately rely on this acknowledgment.

Annexure – the entities comprising the Yarra Lane Group are:

Services Financial planning and advice
Entity Yarra Lane Wealth Pty Ltd
ACN: 604 474 464
Licence details Authorised representative of Interprac Financial Planning Pty Ltd AFSL: 246638
Short name Yarra Lane Wealth
Service Terms Interprac Financial Planning Pty Ltd Financial Services Guide – Part 1 Interprac Financial Planning Pty Ltd Financial Services Guide – Part 2 Adviser Profile
Services Tax and accounting services
Entity Yarra Lane Tax & Accounting Pty Ltd
ACN: 638 122 086
Short name Yarra Lane Tax & Accounting
Service Terms Letter of engagement
Services Mortgage broking
Entity Yarra Lane Finance Pty Ltd
ACN: 108 784 425
Licence details Australian Credit Licence Number 392272
Short name Yarra Lane Finance
Service terms Yarra Lane Credit Guide
Services Commercial and general insurance broking
Entity Yarra Lane Insurance Pty Ltd
Licence details Corporate Authorised Representative of Australian Broker Network Pty Ltd AFSL: 253131, CAR number 1286338
Short name Yarra Lane Insurance
Service Terms Australian Broker Network Pty Ltd Financial Services Guide
Services Business bookkeeping
Entity Beezwax Business Solutions Pty Ltd
ACN: 603 735 333
Short name Beezwax Business Solutions
Service Terms Letter of engagement
Services Legal Services including conveyancing, estate planning and business transactions
Entity Yarra Lane Legal Pty Ltd
ACN: 618 417 299
Short name Yarra Lane Legal
Service Terms Cost agreement / disclosure letter / engagement letter
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