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Top 5 End of Financial Year (EOFY) Tips for Businesses

Are you ready for the End of Financial Year (EOFY)? The EOFY can often be a stressful time for businesses. However, with careful planning and strategy, it can be turned into an opportunity to improve your business’s financial health. Here are our top five tips for maximising your business benefits this EOFY. Get your records

Unpacking the Best Types of Passwords

Cybersecurity is an indispensable part of our everyday life. One crucial component of cybersecurity is choosing a robust, secure password. Not all passwords are created equal, and understanding the types of passwords that can fortify your online presence is pivotal. Let’s dive into the best types of passwords and how you can make your digital

Standard Will vs Testamentary Trust Wills

Standard Will Did you know: nearly half of the Australian population dies without having a Will in place? There is no doubt Wills bring up issues that many of us would rather not contemplate, though having an up-to-date Will is the best way of providing for those you leave behind, by directing how you wish

Recipe for a good Retirement Strategy

Here’s a recipe for a good retirement strategy Ingredients: 1 cup of common sense 1 tablespoon of financial planning 1 pinch of realistic expectations 1 teaspoon of self-discipline 1 dash of humour 1 cup of patience 1 ounce of foresight Instructions: Start by preheating your brain to a high level of intelligence. In a large

Compound Interest: The strategy you can retire on

Compound Interest: The strategy you can retire on! Retirement is a big goal that requires a lot of planning and preparation. Saving for retirement is important because it will allow you to have a comfortable life after you stop working. By starting to save early and consistently, you’ll be able to enjoy a more relaxed

PFS joins Yarra Lane

Click the video above to watch Yarra Lane Director and Head of Wealth David Moloney chat with Angela Martyn from PFS about the benefits of Angela and her team joining the Yarra Lane Group!
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