Osteos Can Now Enter The Property Market For As Low As $30k

Osteos Can Now Enter The Property Market For As Low As $30k

A special policy previously available to chiropractors and physiotherapists has now been made available to osteopaths for the first time. Where you would previously have to have saved a 20% deposit to enter the property market while avoiding Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI), you can limber up your prospects and dive in with as little as a 5% deposit.

Why are they offering this?

With burgeoning osteo businesses demonstrating a strong, reliable stream of income, the algorithm that determines risk at the lender level has given its stamp of approval to the profession. Has the osteo industry hit “too big to fail” territory? Lenders might think so. There is a growing margin of options between people already in the market and people seeking to enter, and this policy makes it easier for osteopaths specifically.

Are you a first home buyer?

While this special 5% policy is available Australia-wide, we looked at a scenario provided by Domain regarding average first home property purchases in Victoria. Their article on the hurdles faced by first home buyers noted that on average, the time required to save a full 20% deposit and avoid LMI was six years and six months – based on a property valued at $685,000. You could instead use the osteo borrowing policy to reduce the amount required upfront by more than $100,000. This could reduce your deposit saving strategy to less than six months.

What about investment properties?

The perks don’t stop at first home buyers. If you’re considering a mortgage for investment purposes, the path to your next investment is now considerably closer than it was before, and with significantly less effort. Eliminate the pain points involved in taking a run at an additional property by leveraging this special policy.

Am I eligible?

If you’re an Osteo – the chances are almost absolute. Speak to a reputable, qualified mortgage broker about your prospects, and how best to use the osteopath policy to your advantage.

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